Digital Project – Inverary Community Centre

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Ashfield Boys’ teamed up with Belfast City council, Barclays bank and Linking Generations to take part in a digital age project. This took place over four weeks starting on the 8th of February. Nine boys from 12B1 took part in this project (Zack McBride, Nathan Bell, Nicholas Algie, Kyle Peden, David Sheridan, Robert Walsh, Chris Hewitt, Carter Harbottle and Jordan Glenfield.) Each week the boys teamed up with an older citizen to help answer any questions which they had in relation to social media, online shopping and browsing the web etc through using their tablets, iPads and laptops. For example one of the boys helped a lady buy her first mobile phone on amazon and book a hotel online for Dublin. Some of the other boys helped by showing the elderly citizens how social media works for example Facebook and Twitter.

It was a great experience for the boys and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it and gain a lot out of it. The elderly citizens even gave the boys cards and chocolates to show how grateful they were for their help.