Head of department

  • Mrs J Crozier

BSc(Hons), PGCE

Subject teachers

  • Mrs L Beattie (Assistant Learning Support Coordinator)

BA(Hons), PGCE

  • Mr C Brady (Head of Year 9)


  • Mr C McKnight (Assistant VP)

BSc(Hons), PGCE

  • Mrs C Watson

BEd(Hons), PGCE

  • Mrs J Wilson

BEd(Hons), VR

Introduction and ethos

  1. To create a stimulating learning environment where boys can learn and apply appropriate mathematical skills in a range of settings
  2. To deliver engaging lessons using a range of visual, audio and kinaesthetic approaches.
  3. To encourage and develop the use of Ict in and out of the classroom
  4. To create a ‘can do’ attitude and give every boy the opportunity of success at GCSE
  5. To acknowledge and reward good work.
  6. To run a variety of maths challenges and competitions
  7. To develop the Collaborative skills of our students in preparation for the world of work.  

Maths Department Gallery

Key Stage 3 Overview

KS3  Unit KS4 Links Detail
Y8 Number   4 Operations, Fractions, Decimals, %,
Estimation, Ratio, NoPatterns
Shape 2D & 3D Shape, Angle, Symmetry
Measure Metric Length, Perimeter & Area
Data Handling T2 & T5 Displaying Data, Averages, Probability
Y9 Number T2 & T5 Fractions, Decimals, %, Indices, Estimation, Ratio, Neg numbers
  Shape T2 & T5 Angle in polygons & parallel lines symmetry, transformations
  Measure T2 & T5 Metric & Imperial Measure, Area, Volume, Time & Conversion Graphs
  Data Handling T2 & T5 Displaying Data, Averages, Probability
  Algebra T2 & T5 Expand & Simplify, Equations – Introduction & Language
Y10 Number T2 T3 T4 T5 Fractions, Decimals, %, Estimation, Ratio, NoPatterns
  Shape T2 T5 T6 2D, 3D, Angle in polygons & parallel lines, symmetry, transformations
  Measure T2 T5 T6 Metric & Imperial measure, area, volume, conversion  travel graphs
  Data Handling T2 T3 T4 T5 Displaying data, averages, probability
  Algebra T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 Expand & simplify, equations, substitution, formula, sequences, cords&lines

Key Stage 4 Overview

 KS4 GCSE Mathematics
(Essential Skills, Foundation, Higher & Further)
  Module / Unit Detail
11 CCEA Further Maths Options Group – Mech/Stats Paper 2
  CCEA T34 Higher class – T3 or T4 entry
  CCEA T5 GCSE Foundation paper students
  CCEA Essential Skills 11B2 working to level 1 Use of Number
 12 CCEA Further Maths Option Group – Pure Maths Paper 1 & Cash-In
  CCEA T6 Higher paper Cash-In
  CCEA T2 GCSE Foundation paper students
  AQA Linear Selected ‘C/D’ students targeted end of Year 11
CCEA Essential Skills 12B2 completion of level 1/2 Use of Number

Key Stage 5 Overview

KS5  A-Level Mathematics  
  Module / Unit Detail
13 C1 – Pure Mathematics C1, C2, S1 – Year 13
AS MathsConsolidation of GCSE Higher &
GCSE Further Maths (Statistics)
  C2 – Pure Mathematics
  S1 – Statistics
14 C3 – Pure Mathematics C3, C4, M1 – Year 14
A2 MathsConsolidation of AS Pure Maths &
GCSE Further Maths (Mechanics)
  C4 – Pure Mathematics
  M1 – Mechanics

Career pathways

“Maths opens many doors but closes none!”

  • Finance & Banking…Money and Percentages!
  • Running a business
  • Designing computer systems
  • Using 2D & 3D when designing clothes
  • Construction…Designing & planning buildings
  • Construction…Builders, Plumbers & Electricians
  • In healthcare.. understanding patient results
  • Catering…ordering & measuring ingredients
  • Transport…speed, distance, time
  • Travel…understanding time zones