Extended Schools

Extended Schools Schedule below

Extended Schools Co-ordinator:

  • Mr. K. Millar 

BSc (Hons), PGCE

Extended schools targets 5 key high level outcome areas:

  • Being Healthy
  • Enjoying and Achieving Learning
  • Living in Safety and Stability
  • Experiencing Economic and Environmental Well Being
  • Contributing Positively to Society and Community

At Ashfield Boys’ High School since the Extended Schools Programme was implemented we have strived to cater for every pupil’s need covering all five key high level outcome areas. On average we have 23 clubs running from morning until night and over holiday period for pupils, families and members of the community. Our aim has been not to focus on one or two key areas of development within the school but to have a broad range of clubs and services free of charge to every pupil/parent, family and members of the community. The rationale for this approach is to ensure that every pupil has an area of interest or service that allows them to reach their potential and reduce underachievement and also enhance succeeding pupils’ progress further. This in turn has meant that not only are those pupils who are at risk of low educational achievement or disaffection from school life benefiting,  but also those pupils heavily involved in school are succeeding and have improved their attainment levels. Therefore every pupil has a chance to benefit from the Extended Schools Programme. Along with this particular clubs and courses are run through the programme to target groups in the community to develop their range of skills and promote inclusion of the school in the local area. Following an ETI inspection in 2009 and annual board inspections our programme has been highly commended in its approach and the successes it has had.

To view the ‘Extended Schools Schedule’ for 2017/18, please click here.