Business Studies


Head of Department

  • Mrs C Moore (Head of Careers)

BEd(Hons), PGDip Marketing (UU), PGC Careers Education and Guidance (UU), MRS, PQH(NI)

Subject teachers

  • Mrs L Cassidy (Deputy Examinations Co-ordinator, BTEC Quality Nominee)


Introduction and ethos

The Business Studies Department offers BTec Business Levels 2 and 3 courses and CCEA Occupational Studies, in addition to contributing significantly to the ‘business ethos’ prevalent in the school. 

The department also delivers ‘stand alone’ courses to different year groups in business enterprise linked to Young Enterprise.  Examples of these are Project Business, Personal Economics, Learn to Earn, Enterprise in Action.

Aims & Objectives

The following aims reflect those aims of the School and the general aims of the Business Studies Department.

The general aims of the department are as follows:

  • To develop in young people a knowledge and understanding of the business world.
  • To enable pupils to become good communicators, asking lots of questions and to weigh up alternative ideas and proposals.
  • To develop an inquiring mind.
  • To develop skills in finding out information; how to obtain information and where to find the information.
  • To develop skills in information technology and numeracy.
  • To develop skills of critical thinking.
  • To enable pupils to be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • To enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence, concern for others and safety awareness.
  • By example to set a high standard of punctuality, attendance and work presentation.

Business Studies, as a subject, provides a unique learning experience that bridges the gap between education and commerce, and as such are valuable subjects within the curriculum.  Business Studies and Business and Communication Systems provide a sound foundation for the responsibilities and opportunities provided by employment in the current advanced technological age.  Business skills will help young people take their place in this environment.
Business Studies is an important subject for our daily lives.  It is a subject which is relevant whatever occupation is chosen – whether it is to become a joiner or a doctor, we all need to know our business basics!  The department seeks to work together to help pupils achieve success.
The subjects within the department provide an opportunity for individual expression and creativity through discussion and group work.  In discussion we are encouraging pupils to be aware of others, to respect their opinions and be tolerant of the views of others.

We are teaching our pupils to be effective citizens, producers and consumers so that they can take their place and integrate into society effectively.

Key Stage 3 Overview

No courses are delivered at present at this level, however we do have Young Enterprise linked courses to encourage personal development through enterprise training.

Business Enterprise Club

This year in Year 10 the pupils are going to participate in a wide range of activities, all with a business focus.  The boys will engage in the Quick Start programme from Young Enterprise and will develop products to sell both in and outside school.  They will attend a trade fair to demonstrate their business skills.

The aims of the club are to:

  • Develop skills in money and time management
  • Have a better understanding of the labour market
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills which will assist in their career choices

Project Business

This is half day seminar with Year 10 pupils in the Spring term.  Pupils work in small groups encouraging teamwork, and also individually.  Led by a Young Enterprise trainer it explains how money goes around, how a business develops their marketing and advertising and other aspects of business.  Pupils are involved in enterprise challenges and games during the seminar.  It is very popular and the pupils all enjoy the taster session of business.

Learn to Earn

A half day seminar delivered by YE to pupils who are working individually and in small groups.  The activities within the session include living in a dream world budgeting for the lifestyle, learn now and pay later and playing with success.  It investigates salaries, earnings and the cost of living – focusing on financial planning.  It is a fun day working in groups and giving pupils the opportunity to think creatively to solve problems.

Enterprise in Action

This course focuses on Year 10 and the pupils engage in a series of activity based challenges.  The focus of the session is to develop a prototype product to bring top the market.  It encourages top think creatively and be aware of the needs of their market. 

Key Stage 4 Overview

BTEC Business

The department offers a vocationally based level 2 qualification, which is assessed through a mix of coursework and examination. This course, known as BTEC Business, is equivalent to one GCSE at grades A* – C.

Students complete units including:

  • Enterprise in the Business World (coursework)
  • Finance for Business (examination)
  • Financial Planning (coursework)
  • Recruitment Selection and Employment (coursework)

The students investigate real businesses, producing assessments covering a range of styles including business reports, business presentations, guidebooks, leaflets and role playing exercises. 

The department has a 100% A*-C pass rate and is a very popular course due to its flexibility with many other subjects.

Key Stage 5 Overview

EdExcel BTEC in Business Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma
(60 credits)

Structure of the Qualification
Year 13

 Structure of the qualification


Unit 1 Business Environment

Teacher: Mrs C Moore

Worth 10 credit points
Unit 2 Business Resources

Teacher: Mrs L Cassidy

Worth 10 credit points
Unit 3 Introduction to Marketing

Teacher: Mrs C Moore

Worth 10 credit points

Year 14



Completion of Year 13 equal to 1 AS Level qualification


Total 30 points

Unit 4 Business Communication

Compulsory Unit

Worth 10 credit points
Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection

Optional Unit

Worth 10 credit points

Optional Unit

Worth 10 credit points
  Completion of Year 14 (and Year 13) equal to 1 A Level qualification Total 30 Points


Total Potential credit points = 60

In each unit the form of assessment will be an ASSIGNMENT.

Students will be awarded one of the following grades:

  • Distinction
  • Merit
  • Pass

Year 13

Level Points Awarded Unit 1
Dist 9 10 credits at Dist

10 credits x 9 points = 90 points

Merit 8 10 credits at Merit

10 credits x 8 points = 80 points

Pass 7 10 credits at Pass

10 credits x 7 points = 70 points

Over the two years

Points ABOVE a PASS Overall Grade
400 – 499 Merit
500 – 519 Dist
520 + Dist*


Career pathways

How useful will business studies be to me?

Business studies is very useful for anyone considering starting their own business or working in business. It also supports a range of professional careers including accountancy, law and management, while also giving students who are interested in design and technology increased customer-focus.

Business studies is very highly regarded by the Confederation of British Industry and is accepted by universities and in all respected university business schools.

Who should study business studies?

Business studies as a subject covers a variety of disciplines and skills so it is suitable for a range of pupils from different subjects, together with those considering A-levels that are practical in nature.

It combines especially well with Science, Engineering,  Design technology, English, maths, geography and Sport. 

Useful Links (Link to Business Studies Microsite)