‘App Club’ visit University of Ulster for a workshop

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On Tuesday 21 February 2017, the ‘Ashfield App Club’ were invited to the University of Ulster, School of Art, Belfast, to take part in an ‘App Workshop’ as part of the NI Science Festival 2017.

Zach Norwood, Tiago Marques, Joshua Thompson, Craig McCord, Travis Lord and Owen Kelly (Ashfield App Club members) took part in the workshop.

The workshop was lead by Christopher Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at the university. As well as an educator, Christopher is a writer, designer and public speaker.  It was great for us to work with someone who is so well respected within the industry.

The session started with the boys listening and answering some questions on what they feel makes a ‘good app’.  As well as this, they were looking at what it takes to make an app that will be used by everyone.  The boys were split into teams, their goal – to come up with new and exciting apps that could be the next big thing.  Some of the ideas the boys were coming up with – based on their understanding within the session – was simply amazing!

The boys were doing lots of prototyping, sketching out ideas and really just coming up with some new and interesting ideas for apps. Everything from branding, content, the audience, how often people may use it, how the app would work, where it could be used, on what devices etc. were explored.

By the end – the boys even put together an article – visualising the impact their app has had on the people using it.  This was an amazing way for the boys to get a real feel that their app was out there and being used by loads of people.

We would love to share the ideas we came up with – but honestly – you’d only steal them 🙂

A big thank you must go to Christopher and the university for having us there.  We plan to keep in touch with Christopher and the university – to continue to work on building the next set of amazing app designers – the boys from ‘Ashfield App Club’.




We’ll be doing a lot of paper prototyping, sketching out ideas and generally conjuring up interesting ideas for apps. I’ll kick off the day with a ‘You can draw, honest!’ session that gets everyone drawing, so even folks who think they’re ‘not artistic’ will be catered for.