Student Election January 2017

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Today was our election day……a chance for our Year 8’s to decide on whom they wish to elect as their Year 8 representative.  Each class has already chosen a representative for their class however the Year Representative will sit on the Student Council and have extra responsibility in relation to the views of the entire Year 8 body.

Year 8s listened carefully to the election pitches of each of the five candidates – Ben Robinson 8a1, David McDowell 8a2, Brodie Welsh 8a3, Jack McFarlane 8b1 and Craig Baxter 8b2.  The candidates were first to cast their votes followed by our electorate – the Year 8’s.  The election and official count was overseen by our Year 13 Politics class.

We had a high turnout for the vote and duly elected with 36% of the vote was Ben Robinson.  Well done, boys!